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nScore is the scoring software of darts.

  • The score input clicks the picture of the board
  • 4 Player Score Display
  • 01 game (301, 501, 1001, Other)
  • Cricket (Standard, Random, Hidden, Cut throat)
  • Count-up
  • Cricket count-up
  • Eagle's eye
  • Half-it
  • Rotation
  • Splat
  • Play with computer on 6 of levels (Cricket only)
  • freeware

    A screenshot of nScore


nScore Ver 0.1.6 (05/04/2005)

Work with Windows 95 and later.
To install nScore, copy the file to a suitable directory and is only performed.


  • n01
    • n01 was built to play 501 games with steel tip darts.
    • Scoring for x01 games (301, 501, 1001, etc)
    • Setting for the limit of rounds
    • Setting for the game legs
    • Setting for the starting score for each player
    • Setting for the game scheduling, e.g. 3legs on 3sets
    • Detailed results is shown for each player
    • Check out success percentage is shown with the "Check Out Mode"
    • Displaying the list of the past results
    • Save the results with CSV format file
    • Displaying the tables of dart out shots
    • Customization of the information layout on the screen
    • Customization of the short cut key assign
    • Play with computer on 6 of levels (01 games)
    • Freeware

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